October 10, 2011


It was a hectic day, but I'm loving learning all I can. Today I got to assist with my first cardioversion. The cardiologist in our unit loves to teach and he has spent many 1/2 hour long teaching sessions with me when the opportunity arises.

Today he asked me to come to the room next door when I was finished with my patient. I walked in and they were getting ready to perform a cardioversion. The patient was in A Flutter. The Life Pak was already hooked up and conscious sedation administered. The cardiologist explained everything to me about the process. Even though the nurse educator had already extensively gone over this with me, it's good to have a reminder when you're nervous.

I operated the Life Pak under the direction of the cardiologist. The patient went into A Fib after I had delivered the first shock. I admit, I jumped a little when the patients body jerked slightly with the shock. When I delivered the second shock, the patient sat straight up and said "Ow" before falling back onto the bed. I jumped again. But he was in sinus brady and all was well.

The cardiologist took the next 15 minutes to explain everything to me, review the meds used for conscious sedation and how the patient won't remember any of it. He even made a point to wake the patient up and ask him if he had felt any it, to which the patient replied "no".

It was a good first experience. The people on my unit are very supportive and understanding with new nurses and are quick to include us when there are good learning experiences. I look forward to the day when I can be that experienced nurse helping the new nurse.

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