November 06, 2011

"Never trust doctors"

Me: Doctor, my patients heart rate has been consistently greater than 110.

Doctor: Ok, lets try metoprolol 12.5mg IV every 6 hours. We give that, right?

Me: Ummm, yeah? Metoprolol 12.5mg IV every 6 hours, correct?

Doctor: Yes.

Me: Ok, thank you.

*hangs up phone and shows my preceptor the order as I had jotted it down*

Preceptor: OH MY GOD! You can't give this! You'll kill someone!!! Are you sure this is what the doctor ordered??

Me: Yes, I'm sure. I read the order back to him. He asked me if we could give this. I didn't really know without looking it up.

Preceptor: We have to get this changed. Call him back and tell him we can give 5mg IV. 12.5mg is a PO dose.

Me: *feeling very stupid and unsure of myself*   Umm, Can you call him please?

*medical director peeks head around from the other side of  computer monitor where he was sitting about 4 feet away from me*

Medical Director: *in a kind voice*   This is your lesson for the day. Never trust doctors. We depend on you to keep us from killing patients.

I think it's time to be scared now.

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