October 22, 2011

Dr. Dickhead

Background info:

morbidly obese patient admitted with DKA secondary to major cellulitis infection, consult with pulmonologist

Dr. Dickhead: So, I'm here to see you regarding your sleep apnea. Your sleep apnea would improve if you lost weight.

My Patient: Yes, I know. I've had a rapid weight gain of about 150lbs in the last year or so.

Dr. Dickhead:  I see that you have been noncompliant with your diabetes, otherwise you wouldn't be here. (patient's Hemoglobin A1C was on the low normal side)

My Patient: I check my blood sugar a minimum of four times a day. It wasn't until the past week that I couldn't get the levels under control.

Dr. Dickhead: What do you do for a living?

My Patient: Well, I have a Ph.D. and used to be a counselor. Now, I'm a pastor.

Dr. Dickhead: *saracastic tone of voice*   Did you used to counsel people on weight loss?

My Patient: Why yes I did.

Me: *picking jaw up off the floor while shooting the "doctor" daggers with my eyeballs*


NP Odyssey said...

I have no problem saying something to doctors like that or anybody once outside of the patients room. Too bad you could not report him to some kind of ethics committee.

Karin said...

The pulmonologist needs to go to a counselor on how to talk to patients.